Happiness, fulfillment, passion, and meaning. These are things that many people of my generation value to a great extent even more so than material things of years past, but how does one get perpetual happiness avoid the suffering that put ourselves through on a regular basis. It’s simple. In fact, it is so simple that even babies can even grasp this concept better than we can. This is because we tend to be blinded by distractions seeking fulfillment in them only to realize that they always bring us back to square one and we are left asking for more (as well as several other questions)

The key here is to lower or remove your expectations. A lot of suffering comes from engaging in the field with an agenda, a desired outcome or result. This in itself is not a bad thing at all. It is actually a good thing to focus on a specific goal. It actually starts getting messy when we surrender our power to a specific outcome. Be outcome independent! Because we give this expectation power, we allow it to define us, mold us, and validate us. When the outcome does not happen, we tend to resort to self-destructive behavior. Stop giving away your power to people, things, and ideas! Freedom from expectation is like freedom in its purest form, so reclaim your power and yourself and allow life to work.


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