8 Key Factors in Becoming Your Greatest Version…

1. Make a list of what you are grateful for: 

As the world becomes more connected with the beautiful god-like gift we know today as the internet, it is easy for us to forget about the things that we have now! With such easy access to all the knowledge in the known universe, we as humans develop that constant need to want more than what’s in front of our faces. Seriously, if you’re reading this, you are fortunate enough to have internet access and a computing device to access it with! Therefore, you have most likely fulfilled one of your prior needs of getting food in your gut. You probably have a support group of friends that have your best interest (and if not, go find some! You already have the tools to do so!) Listen, when you wake up, make a list of all the things that you are grateful for, the things that keep you going, and things that have brought you to being the person you are today.

2. Work towards a goal and stick to it: 

Humans are designed to work towards a certain, task, goal, or have a specific purpose. Now, I am not here to tell you to find a certain passion and to go to the ends of the earth to discover it. With this mindset, you might as well be chasing butterflies your entire life. In reality, our purpose changes constantly in life because honestly…shit happens! You may have an unintentional pregnancy and all of a sudden, you’re a “baby daddy” (or momma). If you feel like you’re in an anxiety induced frenzy of figuring out what you need to do, do this instead. Start small. Wake up, spread your bed, and clean your room. Go learn how to play table tennis, the drums, or socialize with people. It is better than wasting time escaping to social media because you feel that it would be “too much work”. Your future self will be proud. Trust me.

3. Realize that your time is important as hell: 

Your time here on good Ol’ Planet Earth is very limited. You only have so long to make any impact on the world and the people you love. Given that we are programmable and structured entities we often fall into the habit of waiting. Waiting for school to be out, waiting for that date that we graduate and get our diplomas, or waiting for the right time to talk to that girl by that ice cream cart. When you realize the value in yourself as well as your time, you develop an acute awareness of every situation where people or things siphon your time. Just to put into perspective of how much time you have here is a link to an insightful website that I stumbled upon.


4. Be real with yourself:

You told yourself that you’re going to wake up at 6 in morning to go for a run and you do it. Great, now do it again, same time tomorrow. Humans have perfected the art of bullshitting. We’re actually so good at this art that we do it to ourselves. Here is an example: You come up with a brilliant business idea. You are filled with joy that you can’t help to fantasize how rich and successful you will be. Then you go and tell your buddy about your idea and everything that you’re “going” to do…and then you never do them. If you feed your ego, then you never get to eat. Your ego was satisfied with letting it be known that you could be successful, without having to do the work. We do this because making an actual plan to create that business and sticking to it takes energy. But just like any lie, it comes back around to bite you. You will never keep up the charade long enough for it to catch up to you. It’s like you’ve been masturbating and getting caught with your dick in your hand. We are so caught up in titles that we starve ourselves of great opportunities by not trying. It takes discipline to get started on that project. It takes, even more, to see it through to the end and satisfy your hunger.

5. Stop beating yourself up:

Do not become a self-help junkie. I repeat. DO NOT become a self-help junkie. Say that you were supposed to go to the gym and instead you decide to stay in and play video games instead. You play video games once and now you start beating yourself up. The next day, you decide to play some more video games. Fair enough, you like video games and you want to enjoy yourself. But then you start bashing yourself, calling yourself a failure, unsuccessful, and lazy. Answer me this: who is more content with their life? The person who plays video games and feel guilty and bad for doing it, or the person who plays video games, enjoy themselves and doesn’t think anything of it afterward. There is a huge difference between feeling down when we don’t meet our expectations and learning from them. You victimize yourself and end up getting nothing done because of your victimizing victimhood. Whether they are good or bad, emotions are like a drug and you might be over indulging. Next time you want to feel bad about something you do, stop, take a step back and assess what is actually happening. Am I doing this to avoid solving my problems? Do I really have the time and energy to be mad at myself or this trivial situation? Keep learning and keep it moving.

6. Stop thinking so much:

Nothing in life was accomplished by thinking it into reality. You’re not at war with the world to the extent that you think. You are mostly at war with yourself. Someone has to do it, so stop trying to prove to yourself that you’re good enough before even trying. You’re not going to think your way into that job you want or think your way into talking to that person you fancy. Thinking can keep you in an endless fantasy of possibilities that will never happen if you let it. Next time you are left with a choice, make the decision within 3 seconds and then let it go. You can even start small with say, brushing your teeth or even walking the dog. One of my favorite scenes from ‘The Dark Knight’ highlights this philosophy.

7. Fall in love with failure:

Hypothesis, experiment, and data. This is a proven method that has been used for centuries to get the results that our ancestors wanted. I am not saying to go out and purposely fuck everything up. What I am saying is to have the intention to success and if you don’t, assess the data. Failure is data. Change your mindset and beliefs on what you think “failure” is. In school, failure was always seen as a negative thing. It taught people to fear it, to run from it, and it stops people from giving it their all. There are two types of people in this world. The people who try and the people who don’t. The “tryers” may go through the most shit and deal with the most pain but are usually the ones who get the most out of life. If you don’t try well…you have your security I guess.

8. Stop caring about the wrong things:

Handle your shit! If you’re not in the health or financial condition that you want to be in, why would worrying about what your co-workers or strangers think about your actions? Cater to your needs before that of the needs of others. Something has to be done but you’re worried about that person that looked at you funny, or being stuck in a long line at the supermarket or complaining how your salad didn’t come with that dressing you like. This energy is sacred. This energy is best used for caring about your close friends, family, loved ones, career, hobbies, and anything else on this blue planet that brings value to your life.