How’s That Working Out For Ya?

In such a digital age where anyone has the capability to witness everything that you’re doing on God’s green earth, we tend to have an urge to constantly reinvent ourselves for purposes unknown. Is it to gain a certain status or is it to fit in with a certain group? We often act in ways in which we think we have to act instead of ways in how we feel we want to act. So you played it safe and didn’t tell that girl how you really felt. Yes, you saved your ego some trauma so it can live to see another day, but…how’s that working out for ya? I mean…did you get everything you wanted? Was it worth your time if you didn’t do what you intended to do? That’s something I really don’t have the answer too.  By trying not to fuck up, you tend to fuck it up. By not looking like the fool, you become the fool. Your a player in this world, so stop playing yourself…playa. There is one God given right that we have and it’s the right to pursue what you want and to make it ours. Why undermine your needs for the sake of someone else? They are well on their way to getting theirs, so don’t forget your path in the pursuit to aid in another’s. Have some respect for yourself, the people who helped you get this far, and for the world by doing yourself this solid. You’re really not doing anyone any favors by holding back what you wanna do. So the next time you think you have to act a certain way, ask yourself, “is this working out for me?” If it’s working wonders, by all means, keep on doing what you were put on God’s green earth to do.