It is your canvas

Coming into college, I had a very narrow-minded view of what the “college experience” was supposed to be; school, hobbies, socializing, and don’t forget the inevitable destruction of our livers promptly two times a week. This is just what we thought the experience was meant to be versus what the experience actually is. After my memorable three and a half years at University, I can really reflect and appreciate what it actually means to a part of an institute of higher learning. Think of college as your canvas and you have a plethora of resources at your disposal (paint!). You have your paintbrush like everyone else, but you only have so much space to create your masterpiece. Decisions, decisions. This canvas is what you make of it and it is especially the time when you start to figure out that there is not just a well-drawn path but quite the opposite. The path was actually drawn by a hyperactive five-year-old that just finished eating dessert. The path is messy. That being said, every experience is a part of the education process as a whole, despite it not being in the curriculum. I just hope that we all use the space on our canvas wisely.